I cant trust anyone not even my parents. most of my life iv been hurt scared by people how'v i trusted. i cant trust any one with my heart my feeling or my life couse there going hurt me one way or anthore. when i dont trust anyone i takes me father away from what i want. i need some one to protect me but when i dont trust then how am isopposed to let someone help me i guess i just need to know that someone is willing to take me and never let me go couse thats what i need.
waterwolf waterwolf
13-15, F
1 Response May 9, 2012

Its funny, But, trust me, I am in the same boat with you. Its our life at the end and we decide how it turns out. It happens cos we trust others easily. We should think twice before opening our heart to anyone. Just don't give in too easily. Learn from the experiences. I am learning from my bitter experiences. God Bless you!

thanks i like your advice. god bless you to