I Dont Trust My Coworkers

I don't really trust anyone except my family, bff and bf. I am very careful. A lot of times I know what people are thinking and what their motives are. I especially don't trust my coworkers even the ones I consider my buddy. You never know when they might turn on you. They might get envious or upset that you are always happy or that you never seem to get in trouble. They might try to set you up. If I have any issues with people, I keep my mouth shut especially if it's with the boss because some people will tell others what you said,especially if they are no longer buddies with you.I learned other coworker's mistakes. You have to watch your back.They have nothing on me.Dont trust anyone. Some people are looking to report you because they might score some points with the boss or maybe youre a threat or they just want you fired. Some people don't have your best interest in mind, so don't trust anyone.
Deseraye1 Deseraye1 31-35, F 2 Responses Sep 5, 2013

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The only 3 people I liked at my job are long gone. I never liked anyone at my job because they don't do everything like they're supposed to and I always have to be the one to do all the dirty work.

You're good cuz I wouldn't do it

Very Wise!
“Better slip with foot than tongue”__ Benjamin Franklin