Creepies Take Over De Wurld

Sometimes I sit under my covers at night and brood about the creepies.

We can't trust anyone in this world!

It's going to heck. :(

There are only two people I trust completely: my parents. I am not a trusting person.

kleisse kleisse
22-25, F
10 Responses Feb 15, 2009

its a shame but there are not many i do trust!

Trusting for me is easy for one reason. I just don't think anyone can hurt me anymore.

I am lady. I only think ladylike thoughts.<br />
<br />
I am extremely selective in the people I trust. And I have different levels of trust, for that matter. I only entrust two people with the most valuable thing I have - my life - and those two people are my mom and dad.

You can't just mistrust everyone...some people are actually quite just have to be careful as to whom you place your trust in. You can trust me...I'm very honest and trustworthy.

Oh kleisse, don't pretend like you weren't thinking the same thing.

Oh z, you're so naughty.

SoL: that's what she said :D

To both of you: Indeed.

I don't trust anyone either, it's a scary world :)

The creepies are spreading like the herpes.