I Dont Trust Doctors To Make The Right Descisions

we learn from our experiences and my experience has taught me that doctors are not the super hero healers i first envisioned. i have realized they are all only human and very prone to mistakes. and like most humans, will even try to cover them up. they do not have super human intelligence and generally not scientifically minded. if your condition isnt in any books theyve read lately, they will go down the wrong avenues of diagnosis. if your condition isnt in any of their personal medical books, they will dismiss it. if a scientist comes across something they dont understand, they run tests and experiments til they get to the cause of the situation. doctors only do the things they remember being trained to do. i have personal experience of this as i have a chondroma (a benign tumor) in my rib which causes great pain and for years i was classed as a hypochondriac. until i found a doctor who couldnt be bothered arguing and sent me for a chest x-ray...low and behold! there it was! a tumor sticking into my lung! funny thing was when i showed the doctor the protruding lump in my chest that had been getting larger, he said "oh, that was probably always there"! thanks to the discriminating attitude of the NHS i have suffered alone for 5 an a half yrs. i know many people who have their own stories about medical malpractice, whether its about them or a family member...everyone seems to have their own story. i would be interested to hear other stories as i would like to start a petition for better medical care. please leave comments

They are doctors, not judges!
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its too close to my thoracic nerve, they are concerned they may damage it and leave me with severe neuroma down my left side...the nerve isnt attached to the bone so personally, i dont see the problem, unless theyre using a hammer drill! but im just bitter about it cause of the pain. it will be removed eventually, but only when it becomes a threat to my life ie-malignant. sort of a safe place to have a tumour (if there is such a thing as a safe place lol) cause it would be harder for the cancer to spread as it is in the bone and slow growing...and its not cancerous yet. they will give me CT scans every year until they cause it to become cancerous through the amount of x-rays blasted through my body. like i said im bitter lol...it doesnt pose a great threat right now. just stops me from getting on with my life, which neuroma would also do...catch 22...just wish they had diagnosed it earlier, they may have been able to give my ribs a brace so my neck muscles didnt get torn to shreds and my sternum and collar bone twisted out of place.

So are you going to have it removed? It looks that they have too, even though it is benign.

i went to several doctors at four different surgeries, i now have to get a CT scan once a year to make sure it doesnt go malignant. it causes a lot of pain but they are too worried to remove it just now as its close to the thoracic nerve and they are concerned it could leave me with severe neuroma down the left side of my body. so it will be removed as a last resort. still, i cant help thinking if diagnosed earlier they may have been able to do something, at least help with 5yr of pain, fear and suffering. it does worry me to think, what if it wasnt benign. and this happens to people all the time. im sick of reading in papers how someone complains of a sore neck, the doc sends her away and she dies 6month later through neck cancer! i definitely think it was age discrimination along with the fact i had a troubled childhood, but thats another story. im so sorry that you too have experienced the shock of discovering that doctors are not what we are lead to believe. we always think that safety net is there until we go to the doctors and discover it has broken. im not saying all doctors are bad at their job but there are too many that just want their day over as quickly as possible. anyway, im rambling. i would be very humbled if you could please share your story in this group, as i would like it to be made more aware that medical negligence is common and people die through it. thankyou for responding to my story, please takecare xxx

This saddens me. The great thing about this story is that the tumor *is* benign. I can only imagine what could have happened. Have you had, or plan on having, it removed? How many doctors did you go to? And I have to ask if you think age-discrimination played a part (i.e. blowing you off b/c you were/are younger)? <br />
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As you may be able to tell by my questions, I have my own story and experience. However, it is a lengthy one, and I will have to tell it at a later time.