Antacids For A Heart Attack!!!

in feb, the doc gave my gran antacids for a heart attack, shes had another one since, has been in hospial twice for weeks at a time, two of her coronary arteries are clogged, the other is blocked completely, they are 2 worried to put a stent in as it could rip the artery and sged bleed to death on operating table, by-pass was another option, most likely wouldnt die on the table but would die soon, apparently surgery is last resort. the wall of her left ventricle has been severely stretched, which is the most important chamber as it pumps blood to the body, so she has heart faliure,angina, pulminory artery disease and also an aneurysm in her aorta putting her at great risk from stroke....the doctors at the hospital said if she went to hosp in feb, the damage wouldve been significantly reduced!...another doctor at the same surgery, 5yr ago, made a home visit to my grandad who was suffering from heart problems, heart failure, angina ect...well he told my grandad he was fine, just a tummy bug! he died that night on his sons thats how my uncle spent his birthday...watching his dad turn blue, going to hospital with him and coming home alone! not to mention my own problems with a chondroma in my chest, that doctors treated as though was a figment of my imagination! well theres plenty of CT scan proof now! i dont mean to say i despise "all" doctors...but so many are so bad at their job!
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They do that often. They should always run tests, especially on elderly. For young adults I understand their probability assessment of an acid indigestion. (they still run tests though). It is one of the drawbacks of a public health care system. Tests have to accounted for and ration them.