All About the Kickbacks.

I've had bad experiences with all types of doctors. Most of the time they never listen to what I have to say. Today I visited my neurologist for the first time. I've had a never-ending migraine for the past year and chronic lower back pain. I was diagnosed with sinus polyps a few weeks ago but my primary wanted to be safe and have me go to a neurologist just in case there was something seriously wrong. My neurologist doesn't speak english very well, he's Indian. He's possibly one of the worst doctors I've ever went to in my life. He told me I get migraines from my weight (I'm 214lbs) and from not doing enough housework. What. The. ****? That is the most ridiculous things I've ever heard in my life. He also asked me if I was stressed at all. I told him school (I haven't gone in awhile because of the pain I'm in) and he rebutted with, "Well you never go, why are you stressed?". Then I told him family (I have two addicts living in my house) and he said, "Well your mother took you to this appointment, it seems like you get a lot of support." After that he was asking me things like how much soda I drink in a day (he was shocked when I said none) and if I did housework. He told me if I did more housework, my head would stop hurting. I'm not even kidding. After the appointment, he prescribed me five different drugs. 800mg ibuprofen, muscle relaxers, a decongestant (for my polyps), some type of seizure/migraine preventer, and a strong pain reliever. He also wants me to do more blood work and another mri, even though I got that a month ago and he could get all of that from my primary doctor. Can anyone say kickbacks? He's obviously taking advantage of the fact I'm on medicaid and milking me for all I'm worth. He couldn't give a damn about my well being, he just wants more money. This sums up most of my doctor experiences. Usually it's always "it's all because your fat, now take this very expensive prescription that I get kickbacks for and shut up." Oh, and they always stare at my breasts too. I've even been felt up by an x-ray technician. You'd think the fact that I'm a minor would stop them? Oh hell no.
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mmmmm thats awful unfortunatly there are so many bad doctors around