I Don't Want To Trust Anyone Anymore!

I live on an island, so everyone knows eachother. Even the ones you thought don't know eachother, know eachother. So recently I trusted a friend with my deepest secret, she then went and told the friend she trusted, then her friend went and told the friend she trusted. So you get the point and it got around so quickly that everybody knew about it the next day. I was so vexed at my friend. It wasn't the first time either but now I realize people are not worth trusting. You can trust them, but you will never know what goes on behind your back. Like they say 'a good human is a dead human'. I can't say I'm perfect either but I am trustworthy when it comes to serious business. So thanks friend... you lost my trust completely... wait I take that back... EVERYONE lost my trust completely! BOO HOO!
Dariaa Dariaa
18-21, F
Sep 14, 2010