I'm friendly person but some men get me all  wrong. I'm just being friendly  and of course some men thinking I'm flirt with them. Nope. I don't really know how to flirt. Of course I can learn how but I don't do it because I don't men get the wrong impression of me.

I don't hate men. I'm cautious around them.  This really weirdo  at a motel I work at. He loves me. Yuck. He is a pervert. He is very disgusting. He drink too much and he has lice. Yuck. He is all always drunk all the time. He had a very bad mouth. He make up all of stories. All those stories are made up. He is crazy person too. I'm  normal. He said that I need professional help. No I don't. He does.

He is sick and twisted.

I'm avoiding him.

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4 Responses Jan 2, 2011

Oh dear. Thank god his not living at this motel anymore.

It's a family business.So I just avoiding him.

That is sometimes the trouble!! some "men" not all!!!, and this is not pointing at anyone!!, just cannot take a hint!!!! some take it the wrong way if you smile at them!! :-(

Omg!!! i am sorry to read this, my friend!! :-( Can't you go to your supervisor or the boss! and explain your situation to them!! that sounds like "harrassment" on his part to me my young friend! you shouldn't have to endure his "lewd behaviour" especially in the work place,.