Re: Trust Issues

I don't trust real friend. They can turn on you .


mother1983 mother1983
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wow. I'm sorry fractal.

I had a friend for years who betrayed me. I felt very sad and angry, felt as if in the end all the effort, all the times I rang her up, all the consideration in the world, meant absolutely nothing. I am only human and am not perfect, I could forgive based on that, but it doesn't remove the hurt sometimes. I was "friends" with this person for 12 years!

true. I moved on too.

It happens. Not everybody places the same value on friendship. We move on.

Wow. I'm sorry Indy.

She speaks truth. I had a "best friend" for 25 years. He turned on me.

Well. I had a male friend in Juinor High. He was nice and turn on me. <br />
He accured me of stealing from him.

But you can trust me. : )<br />
Here drink this.... : )

very true.

I agree mother dearest, It is very hard to give trust like you use to.