Cant Trust Anybody!

For real.

Ive learned to never trust anyone easily. It takes a long time for people to actually earn my trust. Especially online when you can bullshit about anything.

I am more inclined to believe someone face to face vs over a computer screen because I can read people quite well and if I cant see their face I can tell if they are being genuine or not.

Its so much easier for me to keep all my feelings and thoughts to myself. That way no one can betray me. Ive told girlfriends things about my past and then when they got pissy they used those things as fuel for an arguement. Not worth it.

The only person I can truely count on is me. The only person who lets me down is me. Depending on people just isnt for me.

Silver01ta Silver01ta
36-40, M
2 Responses May 8, 2008

I work with a guy who once told me that trust is like a fine china plate. Once you break it there's no fixing it. I live by what I call the 100% rule. Every one starts at 100% with me whether online or in person. Once they start to do things that show either they are true to their word or not that 100% scale can either stay intact or decrease in value.

trust no one is good thing and when something is with you it is safe when it go to someone it will in the reach of everyone but the last line you cant be let down by any one that is wrong you don't no what happened to you in next moment of life you must say that accept god no one make you down