Remember God

Have you ever felt something so pressing on your Heart;
That you just couldn't keep it in any longer?
That you want to share with someone just to be relieved of this burden you carry around with you?
You want it to be OUT and gone; maybe you want to feel less guilty.

Maybe you want to feel less pain after keeping this poison all inside of you;
Maybe you just want to feel free from this thing that put chains around your mind;
But often you choose to wrong people to share it with and they betray your trust;
And you are left hurt; harmed and in more pain than before.

... Ending up suffering more because of your own gullibility to trust in the good faith of mankind.
People can never be as trustworthy as God; did you forget?
The greatest mistake man can make is to lose faith in God and put their Faith in man instead;
Why? Because man is fallible... What do they possibly know of unconditional Love in a harshly judgemental Egotistically conditioned world?
It's not their fault they cannot be pure; although they may have a choice to be good; but no man is so pure to ever be without self-serving darkness.

Have we forgotten about Divinity in total; lost belief in the supernatural forces watching over us?
Enough so that we cannot believe in nor talk to anything we cannot perceive with our physical senses?!
We have become so worldly of nature; no wonder God would punish us for putting our trust in people over Him;
Other people CANNOT SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS OKAY; only God can help you, only your Faith will pull you through!!!

Do you remember God today? Even His Angels acting as Guardians and Keepers of His sheep.
Do you believe in pure hearted Angels? Do you believe in pure Love?
That is why there's a difference between the Height of Heaven and the Lowliness of Earth!!!
Why there is a difference between the purity of Divinity and the Filth of mankind.

What would it be - sand and dust kicked into your teeth by Earthbound terrestrials?
Or Light and Love poured into your mouth to your aching soul via heavenly extraterrestrials?
The things you cannot see are often the greatest listeners;
Because they see what you cannot see!!!
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
1 Response Apr 14, 2012

i have trust issues too... more than likely... always will. as soon as i think, believe in someone... they pooper-out which is heartbreaking but reality.

LOL "pooper out"... you know when sometimes I feel better about gossips etc. is when I remember that God and everything that looks over us are AWARE of everything in anyways... so they can talk all they want; something is WATCHING in anyways what they are doing... don't let me get started on KARMA and life reviews. *smile*