They are there, every minute of every day. Keeping our soul and heart safe. Protecting us from anyone that invades our space. 
We should be able to have our own space, a place to retreat, that is our own. We can't share this space, it's holds our sanity. 
It's a protector, allow no one into it. They seek to destroy it from the inside out. You let them in, it crumbles, no where is safe now. 
They laugh at the site of where it use to stand. They have received their gratification, leaving you helpless. What is to protect you now. Dismantling it was their challenge, succeeded, yes.
Do you doubt they have come to destroy you. Idiots, hear me, they have but one purpose, their own selfishness. Kindness does not await you, it is a facade. It brings pleasure only for the destroyer. 
You have but one left. Protect it, as it protects you. Guard it, cut down the imposters. It's there for a purpose, sanity. Without it you are open for them to forage through the remains. It's your last chance, protect it!
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4 Responses Oct 10, 2012

You are so right, and another word for it is boundaries, if they are breached as a child that person is susceptable all the way thru life.

I read this just when i needed to...Thanks


... you can only make a real difference if you are yourself,
and fu..ck the rest,
why should you care what they think?
life is short shine your light and be yourself,
that's the only way you can draw out the real light in others...