Not Even Myself

I have a hard time trusting people especially men due to things from my past.  As someone on here helped me realize I don't even trust myself.  As sad as that is, it's true I don't trust myself to make the right choices anymore.  I always trust the wrong people and get hurt, I choose the wrong road and crash into the brick wall at the end every time.

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5 Responses Jul 23, 2008

Here is a story of how our trust is destroyed.My father told me this story when I was a kid to boost my self confidence.Now the story,"there was a kid of 5yrs and a man came along and said my son come with me, we are going to have a free hair cut,they went to a barber's shop and had his cut,while the kid was having his cut the man went out.the boy was there waiting, the barber enquire why your father has not showed up yet,to his reply the kid said,he is not my father.That is how our trust is lost.We came into the world with trust but the society will destroy this.You have understand all this and regain your trust.Says Emerson"Self trust is the essence of all heroism'So my suggestion is drop all the past which is heavy on you and start afresh,be born again and trust yourself don't let the other destroy your selftrust no matter what.Don't let the other control your life,it is in your hands,don;t give the remote control to the other.otherwise they can press any button and there you go reacting to their provocations.Try and start anew.My best regards,and let the universal blessings be upon you from now on.

It's hard to trust someone who hasn't earned your trust or to trust someone who has lost your trust too many times. I know you are at a point where you don't even feel you trust yourself because you feel that everything that you choose goes wrong. I know it will get better. You will see that it isn't you that you have lost trust in. It's people around you that you don't trust because you make the right decisions but just get let down.

I have basically the same problem... but there's a saying that 'nothing comes from nothing' and in my case it certainly is the case. When i was younger, i trusted (some might call it being naive) too much ! But after being hurt by many people over and over again, in various ways, it find myself having a real hard time getting close to people and trusting. Of course, this leaves me feeling quite lonely, and then there is this other part of me that no longer wants to be around people, so that i can't get hurt again.. seems to be sort of a vicious circle.

Sweety hugs...I know this feeling all to well .You will learn to trust in yourself again , i wish i take away the pain you feel.

i would like to have more trust too,especially with men but past experiences have made it very difficult. i've seen them put women through so much **** since i was a kid, starting with my father let alone the men i was involved with personally.and after all that it does make u question your own judgement. i guess it's easy to make mistakes where they're concerned since there are so many ******** out here to choose from!