Lastnight With The Ex-boyfriend

So last night, I went to see my ex. We came to an agreement that we would stay friends but my issue is I cant let him go. Anyway, after we had talked to each other and explained our problems....we had got busy( hot and wet ;-)) but thats neither here or there.

Now that last night happened, I feel like I had got used. He came up with the plan of going out to breakfast and chilling at 12:00 pm today. I'm upset because this guy was no where to be found when the time came around. This is not the only time he had stood me up and now I'm beginning to get fed up with this ****. I have told him about it and he can read my emotions when I'm with him, but it is like it's going through one ear and out the other. What can I do to change that about him?. Will he ever change?.

I have really deep feeling for this guy but I don't know if it's lust or love.
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2 Responses Nov 28, 2012

1)its just friends. 2)friends dont get emotional. 3)sex does not keep a guy in your arms. 4)You need him why? Why do you rely on him? You dont sound like an ex.

Yea your right, I think its lust rather than love. But, for some reason I need to hear those words that he doesn't want me around and he wants me to leave him alone.

for some kind of validation, I guess.

if you want to be broken, by all means ask away.

That must hurt so much, I understand how that feels. It sounds like you have a lot of self respect though and are intelligent...I have a feeling you will find the best way to heal from this situation. Best wishes:-)

Thank you :-)