I Don`t Know What Does Trust Exactly Mean

Now it is the time to move on and to start to be more open to people, the question is how to trust them in way you used to to while see how other people had made you feel down. The trust itself will never apper in my life and I will not allow people to get to me as close as I used to let in past. Life seems very strong and pointles when there is no one who I can spell my soul at and vent. The most pesronal stuff are still with me and probaly will always keep not fadded up.
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2 Responses Dec 21, 2012

Life always wants you to feel good or bad but it is you who have to take life as a challenge and prove it that you are an easy going gal and can tackle every situation that it is putting before you.

Tara, trust takes time to evolve and you will know it when you meet the right one, who is and does everything with and for you, not for reason but because they want to see and make u feel happy. Relationships are based on communication, commanlities and trust, you need time to heal if u have been hurt, take a break and learn to love yourself, go out and meet new people, learn to connect and listen to others, but mostly take care of yourself and your needs - :)