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Why Should I Trust

why should i trust anymore when i have trusted people with my scerects,life,love,heart,family and all they do is ****** it up im a sex slave... wait let me rephrase that..... I WAS a sex slave but not anymore im no one's ***** and im sorry if my EX master sees this but im done i have trusted you with everything! and all you did was make thing worst... i used to be healthly but cuz of you my health is ****** up you don't even notice i was in pain you never saw the hurt in my eyes we are so the same but we are so apart i've never wanted to fall in love with you but i did and im starting regret loving you i love you but i think you dont love me when you **** some **** or ******* plan to when you never touched me like im a monster you've broken my trust and i knew you where from the ******* start but i trusted you with everything...
blackraindrop blackraindrop 18-21, F 6 Responses Jan 7, 2013

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unlucky experience.It is more sweet than honey.

there was a time when i felt the same about certain people and situations in my life and then i learnt the hard lesson that you can't expect anything from anybody, most people are only acting out of self interest and don't really give a **** about each other, to have expectations of most people will lead to endless disappointments when you learn to accept that as the truth peoples ****** behaviour will not effect you as much any more because you will expect it from the start lol, truly good people are far and few between , they are worth giving bits of yourself too when you finally do meet them, but once again be careful not to harbour any big expectations of them because even good people are not perfect and often have their own problems to deal with also. the most important thing to learn is to like and accept yourself when you learn to do that you will not care so much about other peoples affection or approval towards you because you will be strong enough to get by without it if need be, I'm not saying give up on love but the worlds a tough place and you need to survive emotionally and mentally until it may or may not come along ? hang in there ;)

You poor thing. It must have been awful. He just used you for sex and didn't care about you. I hope you find someone who deserves you

glad to see you are free please add me as a friend

Trust is overrated, it is about respect you should never tell people things about your self unless you wan to come clean, and you should never tell other stuff. You should be trust worth. But trust should not be freely give and should never be personal unless you want to. You have to trust people because have to work with people to again success but be wise and research on every decision.

Im sorry to hear that you need better