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Never Again..

As of now for me, trusting someone is like a tool for them to use to get things from me, then after that when theres no more left to give they check out. I extended so far to help someone i trusted in need, but never recieved the same. I even dont trust ones who say they care cause it just sounds like an empty word, theres no compassion what so ever, i never seem to see it, in my brightest days their all around, but in my darkest nights theres no one to be found. How do u trust someone if they use u to get whats best for them?

Countless times, un fulfilled promises, setting it aside, people made me wait weeks, months, why wont they wait for me? I gave it a chance, i put the hard work on it, their doing 49% and im doing 51%. Its always been this way, i dont wanna rationalize this discussion but they always do it with our friendship.

Its like i dont even get emotional around people anymore, i dont ever show it, i just dont even wanna let people near me, i dont want them to know me.
SilentMoonX SilentMoonX 70+, M Jan 23, 2013

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