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Was in a 3 yr relationship, had a baby 4 mos ago and partner walked out a month ago tomorrow. Just got on meds so I can function. How do you get over this?
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I don't know how YOU would get over it.<br />
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I would enjoy the little life that is now available for love, mutual life building and devotion. <br />
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Probably would begin building myself with knowledge about raising a kid, and how to set a good foundation in nutrition and balanced emotional care of a child. <br />
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Then I'd devote some time several times a week to a hobby just for me.<br />
Even if I could not do the hobby, I might at least start reading about it or developing a plan to be able to do it. <br />
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I'd work on finding one or two safe, balanced women and extend myself to build friendships BECAUSE women are actually the ones who help women get through life musch better than just on life partner man.<br />
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We talk, express, cry, and laugh our selves silly over things that would cause a man to sink into depression or become mr. macho contol freak.

What a terrible thing for your (ex)partner to do. :( I hope you can find some centering and some direction from loving and tending to your new baby :)

TIME I know thats the answer you probably do not want to hear though. You never get over it but the pain lessens with time. I know it doesn't seem like it right now but it will someday. You seem to be going thru a lot of change at the moment. Having a baby is not easy even when you have a supportive partner. Perhaps right now just decide to not make any decisions. You will unfortunately have to go thru the pain to come to a place that will give you some peace. That person that walked out on you do not let him control your thoughts. Do not give him that power. Just for today take back those thoughts, be in control of the moment and do not make any hasty decisions about what the future will or will not become. My heart goes out to you as it is not an easy road but for the sake of yourself and your new little one you will find the strength. There is a time to just let things happen and there is a time make things happen. After all the sould would have no rainbow, had the eyes held no tears!<br />