Thanks Mom and Dad

My dad made sure I felt worthless. he threatened to disown me. I wasn't allowed to cry and if I did he would threaten to get his belt out and I knew what that meant and stopped. whenever I had something I was proud of, both my parents would say something along the lines of, "everyone can do that, it's nothing special" or, "it just looks like all the other kids' art." or, "stop being selfish, not just you can do that" or if I wanted to do something they would say, "what makes you think you're good enough?" or, "why even try your not going to get it/get on the team/win anyway" all I have known for my whole life is yelling. my dad yelled at me and I lived with my mom and her then boyfriend who fought all the time and he would tell her things like, "if you don't shut up I'll take that steak knife and stab your f-ing eyes out" he told me to shut my mouth all the time and if I played with my toys downstairs he would say, "take it upstairs or it's going in the fire" we had a fireplace that usually had a fire going in it. my mom also yelled at me uncontrollably. she would get drunk and go into rages.

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they say god chooses your relatives thank god you can choose your friends


Your parent's behaviour is awful, abusive. People have to have a license to get a dog, but any fool can have a child. You have my empathy. <br />
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From my own situation I ask why, but there is no answer. Some people behave dreadfully and they treat others with utter contempt - especially those they have power over. We just happen to be those people, lucky us! When we were children there was no one to protect us from the people who should be protecting us.<br />
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The good thing is we grow up and get power of our own. Then we get to make the choices - as hard as they might be.<br />
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Learn from their mistakes and become a stronger person from it. You're not worthless, your valuable, extremely valuable. Your parents are the people that behaved horribly, abusively. Treat yourself well, live well, banish all negative thoughts about everything, enjoy your life. <br />
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The best revenge is living well : )

Im sorry for what you were put through. But things like that make us strong. We have to learn from our pereants mistakes...<br />
I also suffered a crazy childhood. I was raised to be a negetive person. To always look for the negetive side of things. Also that I was never good enough, and the list goes on...<br />
But I decided when I turned 15 years old that I did not want to be an unhapy perso as my mother was. I realize that we choose who we are not them...<br />
So dont allow your past to haunt you, or to tell who you are. Because we make ourselfs who we want to be...<br />
Trust yourself... Give it a try ....God always takes care of us , but we have to put our trust in him.....<br />
write to me when you want to talk......good luck<br />
I understand how hard it is to trust, but its okay to do it...Give it a chance ...<br />