That 5 Letter Word


That little 5 letter word, has to be for me one of the hardest words to do.I TRUST myself, to do the right thing for me as well as Carol, I TRUST my wonderful Carol to get me back and forth from wherever I have gone, I TRUST the decisions that i make in my profession, BUT I do not TRUST most people. That is one of the downfalls of being me!! That little 5 letter word, that really did not mean to do me any harm, but just be a word in the dictionary. This poor 5 letter word that keeps me from meeting people who I would like to have a relationship with and some that I would like to enter my inner self. This has been ALWAYS a word that has a black cloud over it,,,,,,everyday I am here on earth, I have to battle with myself to TRUST the word TRUST !!! I have had many reasons not to TRUST the word, and maybe some day I will see the word in another light, but for now, it shall still remain my personal hell. Every day you have to TRUST God that he will get you through until the next. Very few people have earned my TRUST, and some right now are a work in progress!! I hope that black cloud will pass unto someone else,,,,,,,,I TRUST that it will!!!!         

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4 Responses Feb 22, 2010

Your childhood determines how well you can trust. I think you must have had a hard one.

maybe it is not trust that is hard, maybe it is five letter words like TRUST, BLACK, CLOUD, or FEARS

I understand, I really do.

In my opinion you can never really trust anyone 100% as you will never really know someone 100%...