It Almost Cost Me My Marriage.

I have seen how my stepson acts when he gets plenty of attention. He gets crazy. Well I actually gave him a real hug this morning and told him that I loved him. I always tell him I love him. I put emphasis in the hug this morning and he was calm afterwards. I was shocked. I have this fear of showing affection to younger children, I do not know why. I need to see a therapist I guess. I'm scared of getting real close to him. I guess it is because of my mother in law talking down about me all the time and saying "Lee (which is my name) will never be your daddy". I have told him that I will not replace his dad (***** donor), but I can treat him as if he is my son. Teaching him to respect others and that life is not all about hamburgers, pizza, and video games. I was loving with him this morning and he did not call me evil names nor did he act a fool. My dad was not very loving to me so I guess I do not know how to love a child. I'm a work in progress I guess.

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2 Responses Mar 12, 2010

It is always a brief break in tantrume from him. His grandmother stirs him up just by calling the jouse.

well done u looks like youve mad a brake though :)