Girls Are B*itches

I don't care if you are female, I don't care if you're male, nearly everyone on earth knows that Girls are b*itches. I'm not going to say that I'm not a b*itch because I am, there's no doubt in my mind that I have come across to someone as a complete and total b*itch, but at least I'm honest about it and don't sit here and say "I am not!" because let's face it, that would be hypocritical of me :P. Many girls won't even approach me because they say I come off as a b*itch and they don't want anything to do with me, which is fine, that's their choice.
Anywho, there were several girls in my class ALL through school (small town, I stayed with the same people in ALL of my classes from kindergarten all the way to senior year in high school) that would pick on me. Now, I don't know why these girls chose to pick on me, I stayed out of the way, kept to myself, and for the most part left them alone, all that I know is that they did. The girls in my class would call me names, set me up to sound like a total fool, invite me to a party or sleep over and then completely humiliate me in front of their friends or half the student-body and all of my classmates (yes all of these people could be found at ONE social gathering...small town :P) etc. It was just...mean!
I won't say that these are the only reasons why I don't trust easily, because they're not. This is just a reason why I don't trust girls easily. I also don't trust adults very easily, anyone that has read my blogs and other stories know why, so I'm not going to elaborate on that here (not the right experience group for that :P). However, the good thing about all of this is that I have learned to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I'm only human though, so give me a little credit. Even though I try my best NOT to judge people before I talk to them, I sometimes do. Does that make me a bad person? I don't think just makes me human.
The thing that I find most ironic is the fact that over half of my EP friends are female...and they are people I LOVE to talk to. So obviously I've gotten over my trust issues with girls at some point in time, either that or else they are just waaaay more mature than the girls I grew up with, either way they are amazing people and I love them to death :). I also have many adult friends on EP as well, all of which I love and adore.
Guys will probably notice that I tend to trust them easier, mostly because growing up I never experienced guys picking on me. In fact, my guys friends would stick up for me and tell the girls to buzz off (thanks guys!). No, I'm not the type of girl to gather guys all around me and show off to everyone just how many guys I have...that would be rather pathetic to be honest. I genuinely love to be friends with guys. There's no drama, they get right to the chase, and tell you their honest opinion. *shrugs* who wouldn't want friends like that!?
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Okay. that is good for you, and congratulations. however, I am far much closed in. I do not trust anyone walking around me, especially in my neighborhood. A while ago, I had done some real stupid things in life (I am not going to lie about it, so, I did it- a little too embarrassing to describe). So, it made it all over the neighborhood, the community, my part of town, and then, the entire city. I later then found out it made it all over the internet. the incidents made me real fearful, because I was a badly-beaten bully victim in school, and by yes, both boys and girls. I now walk in life with my 600-foot-tall "guard" up, not knowing who in this world I can trust and take seriously. Life is somewhat a damn joke to me, because if I have to learn, follow and obey the rules, and nobody else does. That is a contradictory pile of **** that I was told, then. Who in the hell said I have to follow the rules of life, then most others can break them? I guess if I disobey or disrespect a rule of life or another person, and then turn around and report what I see as a possible incident, I am considered as a "stupid, dumb-***, retarded ************* *****"! I guess that I am, but IDGAF!

Nothing at all... I barely have time to get online anymore.

yeah, us guys are pretty awesome.

People aren't really trustworthy :P...

Proud of what exactly?

proud of it

Thanks ^.^! I'm glad you understand :P lol. *hugs!*

i agree with all you said :)

Hehehe I think you are absolutely right sis. I pity those that aren't able to stand up for themselves. I know I still have troubles with it these days, but I try my best to handle my own problems in my own way. Thanks for the advice, I'll keep it close in mind always :). I think a ***** session is just what we need. I got your e-mail late and I'm waiting on my phone to charge, if it hurries up, I'll be able to call you tonight before I go to sleep :). *huuuugs*! love you!

Little Sister - <br />
I know exactly what you mean. But I think you may benefit from taking your analysis a step further. The characteristics that led these girls to mistreat you (and don't get me wrong - they were ******* and many of us are) are what we need to break free from. Women are taught, by our mothers, the media and a plethora of female role models, to refrain from acting on "un-ladylike emotions," for lack of a better word. Emotions such as anger, competitiveness, rage and jealousy are seen as the unique providence of the male half of the species. We also learn that it is very difficult to confront another person without being perceived as unfeminine and bitchy (ironic isn't it?). Tragically, this is especially true if we grow up and assume a leadership role, in business for example. <br />
My point is this, you, by letting your freak flag fly, and embracing your bitchiness in a direct way, have broken free of the mold. And there is no doubt you are right about them, but remember too that they are victims, victims with small minds. They remain constrained and unable to grow in that way. I notice too that they always attacked in a pack, and I am sure you know why, they lacked the courage to break the rule and express their emotions towards you openly (jealousy in all probability). I fear I may have gone far afield, but just wanted to add that you should always remember those small-minded souls with a small dose of pity as well. Love & Hugs - V PS how about a ***** session via our landlines soon:) Looking forward to it lil sis

Perhaps. I know I haven't lost any sleep over it. I used to, but not so much anymore these days. I'm my own person, if you don't like it...that's not really my problem :P hehe :)

Jealous?...of me?... doubtful. I just didn't play along with their little games so they out-casted me and picked on me. I don't mind it anymore these days, I've gotten pretty use to it :P. But when you're 9 and none of the girls in your class like you and you have to hang out with your sister at recess and even your sister doesn't like you playing with her and her gets to you :P .

well, girls were probably jealous. i can't imagine girls picking on you. makes no sense.

*giggles* he's nice sometimes :P...

Don't be sad little one, he's just a big ***** cat anyway.

:( I'm sad now.

maybe so but I came out as cooler.

we're even now... :P

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lmfao... you are NOT a b*itch.. .I love you to death! :) hehe

I am a bitoch** apparently I am a dumb biotch at that lol

I am biotch, but I am your friend (I hope) lol

That's because you've been kind and sweet to me too :D

Yeah, I can't speak for girls since I'm not one, but you've always been kind and sweet to me.

Aw, why thank you :) hehe. *hugs tight* :)