My Best Friend & The Teacher That I'm In Love With Used Me...

I have had many people use me mostly to be with my sister because she is older, prettier, and is more outgoing than me. These people where very close to me. My best friend since preschool, people i hate who only talk to me because she is my sister, and my teacher, who i was madly in love with.
I always knew my best friend wanted to be friends with my sister and not me. It wasnt until we got older that i realized it. She moved a while ago and i told her about it and of course, she denied about doing such a thing. I agreed with her at he time that she was telling me he truth. But then i thouht about it and nobody would actually confess to that. So i kind of told myself why bother.
Then you have those people who i hate, but they only like me because of my sister. So of course they were nice to me. Ha this one girl kept asking me for her phone number for 3 weeks and i just said ok i will sorry i keep forgetting. She stopped after awhile.
Finally, there is my teacher. He is a great teacher. He is nice funny and cute. Im in love with him. At least i was. He has been a really cool teacher. But then after the school ended, he changed. He tries to advoid me. He is really cool with my family, but not with me. I wish i could find someone who doesnt treat me like crap.... but i have found some people who do care and who are nice to me and i thank you. :)
bec193 bec193
18-21, F
Apr 6, 2012