Used By 'friends'

i dont like to trust people easily anymore, cos there have been so many times when ive learnt to trust people and then all theyve been doing is using me, or keeping me around cos they feel sorry for me. i find it very difficult to trust the group of friends im with now, cos i feel like everytime they ask me to go out or something that they only want me there to use me, so i have to fight that thought out of my mind everytime.

once me and a 'friend' had an argument about friends and she said that a friend is only there to be used, cos what else are they there for? i disagreed with her, and said that if you were friends then it wouldnt be using cos you both wanted to be with each other and help each other out, not use one another, but now im not so sure.

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3 Responses Aug 19, 2007

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Meh ur right.Absolutely.This world is pretty ******.Everyday people use each other to get personal gain.Hell probably even this second.But what can u do?Give up?Naw thats kinda cowardly,sides what happens when true friend does come along but u miss that oppertunity cause u given up?It takes tyme.

It takes courage to get past the point where it doesn't matter if people like you or appreciate you or not. Like you, I have been used and I have feel useless by times but when I think about it is up to me to stand up and be counted and try to be a friend to myself first and not be so hard on ourselves. Be kind to yourself! x