Wouldn't It Be Cool

Having a guy friend who isn't interested in having sex with me would be awesome. I mean come on, seriously. When I say "Hi" it's hello, i want to be your friend NOT Hi, lets have sex. Geeesh.

My friends say if you want a guy friend like that, make friends with a gay. They are great because I have 3 of them but, I don't know, just talking to a guy about a real guys interests and what makes them tick could be very insightful hahahaha yeah they have Cosmo's and Dolly Mags for that. pfffft not as good as being friends with one. The banter between friends over those kinds of magz would be funny. Haaaaaaa...oh well, back to the real world.

It's difficult to find someone like that...I guess it all boils down to trust. Would I trust a guy in that way? Hmmmmm....
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

may i be of service? :)
i'd like to say i'm a guy that doesn't just think with his penis and would gladly offer up my services in friendship :D

thanks...I already consider you my friend hahahaha

awww thanks hun ^^
*high 5* :P

All my friends are boys... Even though they tried to make a move on me I just put them in their place and told them simply I'm not interested in that way. I've been "one of the boys" (as they like to say) for nearly 3 years now. If I am honest they make much better friends then girls do! They don't let me down or use me unlike all the girls I used to be friends with. I get along better with boys then girls.

See? Thats exactly what I want. To be "one of the boys" hahahaha I have 5 brothers and they're cool to hang out with but, they're my brothers lol who wants to hang out with their sister every day and every night? lol