God Made Man Yet We Can't Trust Them. Why?

I have been abused by every man in my life. In one way or another. I try and try to trust them but again and again they end up hurting me. Do I expect too much from them? Am I blaming men for all the problems in the world? I think for the record most crime is commited by men. Rapes, robberys, physical abuse, mental abuse, cheating, lieing, pretending to love us but its a lie. Using sex as a means to take advantage of women and children. Not saying women do not do anything wrong. But the crimes are much more on a mans side. Men do not want to admit it. They refuse to acknowledge it. they try to say but women do it too. Please,,,, for every one womens abuse, there are a hundred men who abuse. I have to trust God that inspite of all this he loves men too and wants them to turn from their evil ways. I pray I find a good man not perfect but good who will prove that there are caring loving men out there. I pray fhat for all of you too.
mybambie mybambie
Jan 17, 2013