Never Trust a Man That Says

Well, lets see if I can type this whole thing out again, I just typed a long paragrah about my experience and it went by by. I dont trust men because they lie and cheat. They are never true to there word. They are always looking for another piece of *** and never satisfied with the one that they have. My last experience was this. I had not been dating for a long time when I met Mr. Wonderful so I thought. He was nice and seemed very trustworthy. He said he would never cheat on someone because he had been cheated on so many times in the past. For example his two ex-wifes had cheated on him. Thus, I thought okay, here is a good man. He made it clear that he would not stand to be cheated on. Okay! So, we dive into this relationship and we fall madly in love. The love grows over the next few months. Things are great. Then as times pass money issues arrise and my depression comes to suface. You know the old say when times get hard you stick together or you drift apart or something like that. Well, he took tail and run. The bastard decided that he first didnt think he could handle someone with depression. Then he didnt know if he wanted to be in a relationship or not. Then he wanted time to think. So, I give him two weeks to think. Before the two weeks was up he called me at 2am one morning to tell me that he decide he wanted to date other people and that he had fallen madly in love with someone else and that he never loved me. Yes that he NEVER LOVED ME. I said say it is not so. I thought he was just saying it to hurt me. But no, he said I have another. He ripped my heart into one million and one pieces that morning. And the bastard never ever come to look me in the eye to break it off with me he just dumped my stuff one evening on my back porch with his new woman in tow. Yes, I wasnt home but when I called I found out they had dumped my stuff off together because he put her on the phone. Bastard! So, why should I trust a man? Tell me why?  I loved him, I loved his children, he was the first person I had loved in a long long time and now he is gone as quickly as he came. Like a flash he was here and like a flash he was taken away...What did I do to deserve this...he was so kind in the beginning and an *** in the end.


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I think the 'alpha' males are the ones that cheat.