Cant Trust My Mom With My Husband.

About 4 months ago, my mom split with my stepdad, but now I don't trust her with my husband who stay home all day. My mother has always cheated on my stepdad, and now she goes out all the time and sometimes doesnt come home. She tends to tell my husband a lot of personal things, but keeps them from my sister and I. I try to see her as my mom and keep telling myself she will never do anything with my husband, but lately she hasn't had the relationship a mother in law should have with her son in law. She acts like his friend and they just give me a wrong vibe. I mentioned this to my husband and he just defends her. Help, am i taking this out of porportion. How do I tell my mother.
christy111984 christy111984
1 Response Apr 4, 2012

The relationship between your husband and your mother is not appropriate. You can't trust your mom, and that's a problem, but your bigger problem is that you can't trust your husband. You need to seriously think about whether you want to stay in the marriage. Then you need to seriously think about whether you want to continue a relationship with your mom.