My Ode To Hitachi Nuclear Power

greetings Hitachi how do you do
just had to write a poem to you
heard you have bought some UK nuclear
shame you'v wasted your money for sure

why don't you google tesster technology?
no need for nuclear definately
and met a dude in the summer
who's grandad built perpetual motion power

and there are many other reasons
why you shouldn't build nuclear in all seasons
nuclear particles fry your insides
and prevents our spirits carrying on life
another reason is a polar shift
coming in a year or two and it's

going to put 100ft on every coast
will effect most of your facilities boast
this planet's quarrantine will also be lifted soon
and then free energy will be a boon

so save your cash and leave these shores
and if you want to know more
then you get your hand in your pocket
though your money i don't want it

Ill give it all to charity
will charge you at the rate
my brother charges Sony
he's into ideas too
put captain organic into google

peace xxx
41-45, M
Dec 5, 2012