Even When It Seems Too Good To Be True...it Is...

I thought I was close as **** to a friend. She showed me who she really is and I'm definitely done with her. It's best I break it now and avoid causing too much friction. And that BOY! Well it's all his fault. So I'm done with that too. Can't trust people. Everyone judges and changes. Everyone's against everyone else.Gah I really do hope this world's going to end soon. Cause if God doesn't get rid of it we as people are sure as **** gonna tear it apart!
Serabi Serabi
18-21, F
3 Responses Mar 14, 2011

Agreed T_T

No he's smarter than that! lol I've decided I'm not that mad at him anymore but that ***** can go on somewhere! lol

Did he cheat on you?