They Come Across As Self Absorbed and Greedy

I live in South Africa, but this is really just my opinion , even when I watch the global news, so this is how I view politics in general. I think the whole political arena is just a huge cover up for a power greater than the puppets on a string. I read an article once on Skull and Bones and the world economy and the oil etc. I am led to believe that what we see, aint the whole picture at all. Politicians in my opinion are playing chest with the lives of innocent citizens, pro claiming justice for all, human rights, democrasy blah blah, but I have never ever seen my opinion make any difference in parlement. They talk about democrasy, but they do as they wish all the time and they do not listen to the people of the country. Those that pretend to, only do so to get votes is about power and money, end of story. I have experienced in my country how a proverbal DA member will become an ANC member, 'bought' by the other, their loyalty lies with the biggest paycheck! What happened to the good old days when people still fought for the people, for honour, and freedom! These days politicians are so scandalous, they are hardly the leaders a country should have, so what kind of example do they send out by lies, cheating, stealing. They sit in their fancy chairs and fight amongst each other, where there is division, how can a country succeed. They make promises they never keep. It's just a scam and I am amazed that the majority of people are led by a bunch of white collar criminals, people that only have their own best interest at heart and capatalize on the needy and poor for their own wealth.        

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1 Response Jul 7, 2009

Its called the New World Order.<br />
Its a web. <br />
and most of them are caught in it .<br />
Yes im working on an article skull and bones is part of it.<br />
Its so surreal.<br />
These days all the politician are the same that's cause what they get paid for is losing their morals, principles, and values AND MOST OF ALL SELLING THEIR PEOPLE.<br />
The top notch will feed themselves till they explode while the hungry kill fight and die to make ends meet.<br />
Its freaking sad and they who can do something, never will.