Every government has corruption in it. They all have little secrets they don't want us knowing about. But they also help us out is many ways. Now days it almost seems everyone wants absolute freedom but how else do we maintain order. People complain the police is over militarized yet these people have never been shot at before. So if I were an officer I would feel safe with that much hardware. And how else could you control a rioting crowd than to carry the bigger stick...
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In certain regions police are receiving navy seal grade flack jackets and they have grenade launchers now.......

Your standard MGL " grenade launcher" is a multi use tool. I doesn't just launch the military grade 40mm HE round it also fire tear gas, smoke, flash bangs, and flares. As for the flak jackets. I too would like to have one if there are criminals out there who pack some serious heat. I'd feel safe and more confident in my job than going against a group of Vice Lord members who has AKM-47s

the GOV, the US GOV is the enemy of the world! Everything they are doing has all been planned, can you handle the truth? Add me on Facebook lovinight@rpmwin.com

I've seen my fair share of conspiracies and I know some of the bad they have done. And I've seen the good that they have done. If people were willing to do something our 317millions selves could easily beat the crap out of a couple hundred politicians.