Trusting Is Not Easy


i dont trust too many people because i have been hurt too many times.

my first husband cheated on me so often, after we separated i could not trust any man for a long time. My so called best friend stole from me, so even to make friends it was hard to trust. now after years of that i am paranoid about and afraid to trust people. im now married again, but it took a long time and a lot of convincing from my husband to trust him, u know some days i trust in him fully, other days i feel i cant trust him. 

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I know how u feel, my husband cheated on my, my second hubby well hasn't done it yet, but when we were just boyfriend/girlfriend deal he had someone come over that I called a friend, he called her an acquaintance of mine, well I found out about it he said nothing happen cuz, he felt guilty but caught him on other things also they didn't get far, but who's to say his a correction officer, and would tell me stories of everyone cheating w/everyone hello he met his baby's mommy there, but we have a choice we either walk away from all this pain, or deal w/it and wait for the out come, I don't want to be alone my son't who's 18 been w/me throught it all is the only man I can trust, and the only one in my life that has seen it all, my daughter left to live w/her dad, and missed so many birthday days, but all she thinks about is give me ,give me. Her dad spoiled her so much, i can't afford her. Soon my son will be leaving for college at least I know I did good never had any problems with him as a single parent, he and his step dad get along, but his step father can push our buttons, his just so selfish, was brought up with a silver spoon in his mouth, but couldn't even keep up w/his payments and lost the ranch, why because he preferred to waste money on the women, and spend here and there, now his trying to tell me how to manage money, hello darling who lost the house here me or you so don't tell me your having a cow over a 220.00 phone bill that can be broken down in payments, and still keep the line open, dang where did u get your loving from, parents his parents taught his to be so selfish, not to lend out, not to help out, but to get people to help you out well not with me, we go half on everything. But I'm so tired of this bullshit I just want to leave, and never look back we've been together for 4yrs and just celebrated our 1st anniversary on Dec.17,07., and on his birthday day too. Anyone want to tell me what I should do continue arguing about the stupid bills, or live on my own again alone this time, because I'm son will be leaving for college, I don't want for him to worry. Please someone tell me, before I decide on doing something stupid...<br />
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If this man is not respecting you you should leave. Being hurt when you have trusted is terrible. I have been married fifteen years. I was happy. My husband was unpredictable. I feel he took me for granted. I am peaceful and ask for things very rarely. He attacks. So i began withdrawing a bit. Then i go back and he attacks again. His family has treated me like **** and he doesnt defend me. He has a way to make me feel like it is my fault. I will take the blame. Anyhow i trusted him then one day i sat at computer and he is sending naked pictures to people and trying to make arrangements to meet. It was terrible. I was so hurt. That was four years ago. My father had died a few months before and he was not very comforting. I was so lonely. He was having a relationship on the internet. I love him and decided to try to fix things. He now blames me cause i will never feel like he cant hurt me again. He says i dont trust him and what away to live. I told him i want our marriage to change and he wants to call the shots. Just writing this down makes me sound like a fool. If i like it or not my marriage is over. I need to deal with that

I dont really trust anyone, i mean i have friends and family but no one is close enough to see who I really am. I know exactly how you feel, some days you feel like they are there for you, others you feel like they are just in it for something