I'm a person who trust people! keep that in mind... So today I took ALL my money to school cuz I was going to lunch with a friend, now usually I wouldn't take ALL my money to school but I was running late and didn't have time to take just some out. So anyways I had it all in my bag and I left it but I had looked in it once and it was all still there. After class my wallet was out of my bag and I looked in it and ALL my money was gone. Why must people take things that aren't there???!!!!! WHY! it makes me so dang mad! Get our own FING job and work for your money! the person who did this is ridiculous. I hope who ever took it has to pay a lot for something one day and not have to money! Some people! An now my trust for people has gone down.... COOL!!!!
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they even steal umbrellas here. Cheap useless umbrellas!!

I'm sorry this happen to you, but just realize karma comes back ten folds..It happen to me once trusting to leave my purse unattended with a friend while pumping gas; come to find out my money was missing; I know they did it without a doubt. I confronted them about it. I told them; I hope you enjoy spending my money because one day it's going to come a time when you really need some money and in reach it won't be available. In fact it taught me a lesson as well..Now I use plastic

Thank you for sharing that, it's just sad that there are people out there that are like that and are okay with being like that. What comes around goes around I guess... Yes plastic is by far the best way to go. I'm sorry that happened to you as well. No fun at all. Thanks again.

i feel sorry for you, but hey, what goes around comes around aite? :)

Very Very right. I think that's a good moto now:) Thank you much.