I Dont Trust Anyone

My whole life I have been tossed back and forth between 3 houses. Its hard to decide which one is your home. At each of these houses my mom dad or grandparents would tell me to make new friends. And every one of them could not keep some things gs strictly confidential. Not to mention most people bullied me. After several years I got fed up with the BS, so my solution was to put up a barrier between the real me and the facade. So far not letting my guard down has really paid off. No one has my trust and I trust no one. The only thing I trust is my rather inverted sense of right and wrong. I do what need to do in order to survive. Ive been this way for 5 years now and plan to stay this way.
akfordman2 akfordman2
18-21, M
2 Responses Feb 8, 2013

do you have any bestfriend then? i mean someone that you rely on to share some of your secrets and what not?

I am the same way...I let others think they are in...but I trust nobody with my true secrets...I do not want love...but I want a beautiful roommate who is enjoyable to be with. This roommate and I will have the agreement that we do whatever we want as if we were single and don't get upset if the other is too busy... But if both of us are in the mood to give each other messages or have a deep intellectual conversation...we will do so. So basically friends with benefits while also being good friends...if that is at all possible. I urge you to look for the same

I actually plan to look for pretty much the same thing. Except I want someone who would like a relationship without the commitment. I do not want a marriage. Mostly someone to spend my life with and occasionally soothe our desires. I am a Prepper so I would need someone who can get their hands dirty