For good cause! Danger Requires thinking!


This is in regard to the practice of totally wiping out members when they leave, including, gifts from your area, private an public messages everything that had to do with them ! It pissed me off and this was born, then modified !

I'm embarassed to say this contained a Rant that poured out when I was angry because the policy when someone leaves is to ***** all traces of them from the site. I can't truly apologise, I value friends, momentos and defend my privacy fiercely.. Tis me.

I think this practice is  Orwellian . Public Domain is theirs to do with as they will. But it would still take away from what the site really stands for "In my humble opinion" Contribuitions should become site property , barring the originator removing them piecemeal for just cause, and then only profile and public area stuff.

However "Our" whiteboard, gifts, private  mail, etc should be considersed "ours" and sancrosect unless we are declared a public menace , nae wait that could easily be me on occassion? H-m-m-m banned form the board for crimes against humanity, Ha . lol

I think I can squeek under the line with that one. I'd really like to hear from everybody who is inclined to comment as to how you would feel if this happened to your lil slice a heaven an to others who it did happen to!

This relates to trust inasmuch as I had a reasonable expectation of privacy in my lil slice and it was violated! So, I went gr-r-r- for a bit!

***FYI nowhere in this did I state I didn't trust "anyone" pointin in fact! I try to avoid generalistic statements in general Lol  This had to do with a specific issue with the removal of items from our mail  area's etc. I had thought were private. I felt violated and spoke out. I make no apology for it as I beleive it is a reasonable and prudent approach to the issue. No where did I state that everyone would betry me either????????

But while we are on the subject of "Trust" . Trust, Love and Friendship require a period  

getting to know each other and a building or earning of Trust, Love or Friendship. If ya can't live with that well I'd say ya are doomed to disappointment , heartache and worse. Lol juss kiddin. The wonderful thing about this site is we have a reasonable expectation of posting views or stories which reflect our outlook at the time. Not everything I post will be all ablbaster and roses , but why this one should have drawn such an adverse  response is frankly beyond me. All are indeed entitled to their opinion, However the logic of saying Anyone who dosen't trust can't be trusted is illogical on the face of it. No one trusts everyone?  Friendship, Love or trust given out without due restraint is really worthless and not to special from where I sit. But to each his own.


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ponder<br />
ponder<br />
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Head hurts need rootbeer.

I don't know if EP has fixed this obvious glitch to their software by now. I hope they have. If not, this should happen soon and it has nothing to do with trust. It has to do with like someone reading your mail, your diary, your stuff and then putting it in the trash. Do we need to go back to being teenagers and kids here? I don't think so. It is sort of like EP rape. Moxie

Blatant generalazations are generally in fact cliches, or just plain wrong. No where in my commentary did I say I didnt trust anybody? Implied insults are no less a offense as I see it. The tendancy not to trust folks without a reasonable and hard look is called common sense where I came from. possibly a short trip to say the middle east would divest ya of the hearts an flowers outlook?<br />
So then as I understand it ya just told me not only am I untrustworthy, But neither are you , cause you dont trust anyone who dosent trust un named "others" Interesting lil cunundrum there isnt it! ;-)<br />
Those generalizations bite sooner than later usually.<br />
In God I trust! Everybody else must earn it ! An vice versa.<br />
<br />
hahahaha have a good day. mssr. lizzard , *smilin*<br />

I'm with BrutMystik on this one. "If you can't trust others, you yourself cannot be trusted." What I found as I became more honest with myself is that suddenly other people became much more trustworthy - it was a miracle!

you are explaining something very clearly. I just don't know what it is, but it sounds important. You mean, when you leave, all your stuff disappears and goes to someone else? This is powerful, "Matrix"-like stuff, huh? Anyway, I admire the authority in your phrasing and a forboding drift toward electronic destiny. Good day to you, Wise Gentleman.

To clarify - - one of our members decided to not be a member anymore. Their comments were valued to some of us and when they left, all of their comments were pulled from the site at their request. Some of us feel that the private messages to us become our property just as a snail mail note or letter would be. These notes and mementos are now gone. We miss them. That is the story.

OK, i'm confused, where's the story, whaaaaaaaaaaaaa :(

Behind this site - there are people. This site just didn't happen on this computer. No, none of us has to come here. We choose to because it's a great place to be. I enjoy this site more and more as I get used to it.

What site? What does this have to do with trusting people? I think that people who can't trust others can't be trusted. I understand, everyone has bad experiences, but no matter what, you have to get over them and learn that too much self protection leads to rejecting everything, alienation, then unhappiness, bitterness and despair-more victimhood. I hope you find out that not everyone will betray you.

I hope this is just a temporary thing and that maybe something has happened to the site and it will be corrected. Or, maybe we need to be made aware of terms and conditions?