And I Like It That Way.

I very rarely let new people in my life. I can smile and be polite and have a good time around people but I don't let them in. Of the few people I have trusted 95% broke that trust.
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I have always trusted people to a certain extent. I usually was a good judge of character. Now, though, I'm not sure who I can trust, even myself. My best friend and my husband had an affair with each other behind my back. Now I don't feel I can trust anyone anymore. These are the two people I thought I could trust more than anyone.<br />
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What I hate the most is that we let these other people destroy something that is not a bad thing: our trust. It makes it bad for us and everyone else. <br />
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It's so hard to know that, but it's an unfortunate truth in the world. May all of us find someone to trust again someday.

I agree with all of you! To truly trust anyone, no matter who they are, is an incredible leap of faith. The thing is that if you never risk anything, you'll get the same or less back.... As stated before, I think that the five percent is a high estimate-I think that two or three percent is more than worth the risk!<br />
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I think that life is about living, not about worriyng about people or their shenanigans.<br />
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Take care of yourselves!<br />
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me too, I'm friendly to people and things, but I don't let that many people in. It seems when I finally do let someone in, they end up letting me down. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so cynical. But you do need to be careful with who you trust. I do have walls up too.

i have huge walls up especially after being betrayed by a long standing friend. After being abused by my ex husband, men are hard to trust

I am the same way. I put too much into one person and then I suffered the consequences.