Used To Like It..until I Figured Out That It Was Useless

It took me a few months into the Twitter Boom to actually get on the bandwagon with it, but I did. I think I was a senior in high school at the time, and it was around the same time that I finally got a Facebook (My parents have ALWAYS been anti-social network freaks. Back when xanga and myspace where the thing, I got in big trouble for having both of those). Twitter though, was okay, or more so I would use it when I was bored at work or in class . . . but after high school I stopped. And I didn't miss it... at all. I've tried to pick it up over and over, but then I finally just said F it, it's stupid, whatever. I mean, really, who wants to just sit around reading what people are doing? And even more, why the hell does it matter where someone is or what they are doing? Are we all stalkers now? Now I notice just about EVERY company out there are starting to introduce their own twitter pages, and it just makes one so sad... what a weird and scary direction the world is moving towards.
cecillia2010 cecillia2010
18-21, F
May 19, 2012