All you Twitter fans out there can argue me on this point- but I really don't see the reason behind the site. When Facebook came out I was more than understanding. Sure, this is a site where you can connect with people from your past that you may have lost contact with due to the ways of life, though now the site has since evolved. Myspace, I hardly acknowledge any more, other than band promotions and the sole fact that this was the birth of these online networking sites.

Twitter, now this is a different story. Those stupid feeds on Facebook going on in 1 to 3 lines, consisting of brainless thoughts and activities. There use to be a day and age where we didn't promote ourselves so openly, where if we wanted to share something with someone it normally came with an epic story. The majority of the postings that I've heard about are nothing clever, they are but an online itinerary of you every move. Who cares if you are brushing your teeth, your hair or that you need to go outside to pick up the dog crap in your yard. Back in the day you wouldn't call your amigos up just to notify them of a sudden craving you had for chocolate chip mango icecream, so why do we feel the need to extend these announcements to the entire world?

In my personal oppinion, it takes more than two lines to give a thought justice, to fully explain the story, to make it sound unique as appose to all the same detailess babble. Maybe I'm too much like Charles Dickens and just can't sum up the wine glass that I'm drinking out of in just a few careless words. Because we hardly connect to eachother verbally or physicially thanks to the technology around us, I feel that it is more important now than ever to write clearly and thrououghly so there is less chance of confusion or missinterpritations. As humans we have it genetically encoded into our DNA that it is only natural for us to pick up on such things like bodylanguage and tone, that's why we should take extra care in what it is that we write that way everything is clearly understood, especially if we plan on allowing anyone with an internet connection to see. Slowly but surely we are forgetting how to write in the english language with all those abriviations and new slangs, it's like half the english population can't properly spell anymore. Ha, now we even have classes in school to teach students text messaging skills, sure.

Does anyone even read those Twitter feeds? Im inclined to say no unless you are a celebrety or a highly interesting character. It to me seems like a big waste of time and is targeted for people who are so eagure to get acknowledgement for everything that they do. Now I don't use Twitter and I'm not too sure how the game is played, so I'm sorry if my opinions differ from what is actually going on. My point is, that people are wasting too much of their lives worring about updating their next move or new thought that they are forgetting to live life.

Awh hel, what do I know though- I'm not a Tweeter

Linxer Linxer
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2 Responses Feb 18, 2010

The whole mentality of the "latest news about your friends" is a bit strange. I think most everyone tires of the updates quickly, but there is a steady stream of new people who join and carry on the tradition of "social spamming" until they figure out how to turn off the constant updates.

Well said! Another little creepy thing is that there is suppose to be this website called or something like that. Well this site goes on Twitter and finds people who state addresses and exact times and I guess people can easily tell when you aren't home or where you are going to be. The site wasn't made for creepers from what I read, it was designed to show people the very real fact that these people are sharing way too much online.