The Zero Barrier And Other Perils

I think Twitter works best of you have a huge collection of friends who are brilliant writers.

There are two main drawbacks to Twitter. First, like all social networking sites the mathematical equation of “fun” demands that your initial number of “friends” cannot be zero. If you sign up for Twitter and have zero friends to start with…you ain’t gonna make any. The entire concept begins and ends with the idea that you are bringing 25 close personal friends into the “network” and you’ll expand your “connections” from there. Zero multiplied by 25 is….zero. Twitter is a ocean churning with a billion tweets a minute. Your voice for all intents and purposes will be drowned out and lost in that multi-verse. So the odds that someone will randomly see your tweet or follow you seems kind of low, doesn’t it? Again the Twitter party seems to be strictly BYONOF (bring you own network of friends)

But let’s assume you cross the Zero barrier and you and your 10 close personal friends have all successfully joined Twitter…you now run into problem numero dos: you only have 140 characters.

Now if your friends are all 21st century approximation of Oscar Wilde, Dorothy Parker and Mark Twain then you’re in for a grand time. If they are just ordinary people the Twits, unfortunately, are not going to be all that interesting.

“Took the garbage out. Ugh!”

“Baby crying. Will I ever sleep again!?!?!”

“At the movies! Watching Avatar in 3D! Its fracking awesome!”


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8 Responses Mar 9, 2010

I see the 140 character limit as a challenge.<br />
I am long winded myself but there are times when what I want to say can be condensed and go down better it seems.<br />
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As for networking and all that, I didn't join Twitter to find friends. Originally I did because a friend of mine who travels constantly uses Twitter - and update things mostly on his Twitter account. And then I started finding people with interesting tweets and I am hooked.<br />
<br />
I like reading original thoughts, funny and witty commentary; finding things out way before news on TV broadcasts it... I don't much care about how many people following me. It's not the point of Twitter in my opinion :)

Actually, I think Twitter works best if you have <b>no friends at all</b>. I have all of 3 friends on it, and only 1 tweets regularly.<br />
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What it's good for is <b>celebrities</b>, especially net-famous micro celebrities. You have a much better chance of getting your feedback read by a favorite writer if you can say all you need to say in 144 characters. Maybe you need to write an epic, gushing love letter, but if you have just a single question or witty remark to share, just boil it down to that and send the sucker off.<br />
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What I like about the 144 character limit is I spend twice as much time refining what I wrote than writing it in the first place. Really I'd be doing that with all my writing if I had the discipline. This response, for instance, would be much more polished if it was shorter.

Haha! I don’t think I’m that long winded, but it would definitely be a challenge to keep it brief.

And if you did, how would you get your long winded self to tweet succinctly?

Neither do I....but mostly because no one else does.

sorry, i don't twitter :)

Thank you very much!<br />
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I like your stories.