For How Much Longer

A few months back a very old friend of mine, emailed me and said "get on facebook, all of the old crowd is there" and sure enough I have reconnected with a bunch of old friends.   The wife came home the other night and said, "I need to get on twitter"  well I can't show her because I don't know how, but if she gets on you can bet I'll be soon there after.  But to me it sounds like blogging, and my response is, I can see why anyone who doesn't know me would be interested in where I am and what I'm doing

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2 Responses Mar 15, 2010


I agree face book has its uses for catching up with old friends. ( I tried it my self) but it wasn't long before I realized that we had little in common and that was the reason we hadn't stayed as friends in the first place!<br />
Twitter? I don't get that either and really have no interest. But now EP....this is the site for me, for exploring who I am and want I want, meeting many different and interesting people sharing their personal thoughts and experiences. I just love it!