It's the oddest thing! A few of my stories have been rated 18+, automatically by EP. Now... I am not always an angel and I do use fowl language at times... or details that are not appropriate for children. So, I do understand when that particular story get and 18+ rating. And I don't mind it! :-)

But for the a few of my stories, there were no swears in the story. Nothing adult in them. And they were rated 18+! What the frick?! XD

It has happened to my best pal, Philip, too. He has written a nice story, innocent and squeaky clean! Yet it was rated 18+! I can't help but to laugh at that one!!! Because, it would so be me to get and adult-rating on this site, or even in person! I do have a potty mouth! But for Philip, the one who must always be the gentleman ALL THE TIME, that's laughable! =p

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4 Responses Mar 20, 2009

There are very few that 13yr-olds haven't heard!<BR>It's more the content really isn't it, and you can't censor that automatically.<BR>Let me try that word again, yeah not doing it here.. hmm

I'm not sure, I'll have to put my ADULT filtering on and see what happens.<br />
Ever have a word turn blue and a line appear under it, even while you type it, ..and deliberately misspell it?

I think the word Adult may actually actually used to trigger the 18+ rating.. I'm not sure. It seems that way.

Lol yeah, I think EP needs to tweak their censoring system.