i asked this question before if she had feelings for me. All the answers were pretty much yes. anyway we have hung out alone before but recently its been weird between us. for the past month and a half its been games after games and honestly id admit ive been playing too. but the issue is it all became settle and we went back to normal texting talking kind of flirting. then it got weird again. im getting really tired of this whole back and forth crap. one min she seems like shes into me, the next shes doing things that show me otherwise. anyway lately we got closer like before talking to 3am in the morning flirting just really getting closer to each other again. so i asked her out she said yes. on the day we were suppose to go out she called me about something else and i used the opportunity to confirm our plans, she said yes. later that night she stood me up. i called her twice and texted her, she didnt respond. though i seen activity on her sc. so i know she seen them. anyway, the next day we worked together, i didnt see her though. so we didnt talk. this morning to a story long text from her. saying that she is sorry about the other night, giving me an excuse which i believe is half truth and half lies. said she had car problems that were her fault that i believe. the fact that she went home and went to sleep not so much. but maybe she did. but the messed up part is. she had time to play with snap c but no time to text me back. even if she just opened them dont see why i couldnt get a reply. also why after two days do contact me, makes no sense sounds like games. but then she ends the message by telling me. that shes sorry again and that she didnt do it on purpose. i didnt reply. the real sad part is all i want to do is ask her if shes alright, isnt that sad. not the first time she stood me up either. but it is the same way besides she contacted me earlier last time. what i do. text back and just cut the crap and see whats really up. or ignore her
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There's this approach to situations like this: **** yes, or no.
If you're not getting an absolute '**** yes' out of her, if she is not jumping at the opportunity to give you what you want from her, then treat it as a no.
Move on.
Sure it's not always easy to just let go of feelings, but you can just start focusing on other people. People who actually want what you want. People who will give you a **** yes!
You may not find that person straight away, but just keep on looking. Look in a direction that you may actually find it - not at the same old place where you have never found it before...