I Don't Know How Anybody Doesn't Like Girls.

How can anybody nit like girls. You just have to look at them.

Warm, soft smooth skin. Hair as fine as silk.

Boobs and bums to tempt a Saint,

And I am not a saint.


Pamken Pamken
41-45, F
6 Responses Feb 24, 2010

You look like one in your picture, a Goddess even!

People are waking up and discovering that the female sex is number 1. I am just another jealous male. It's hard to accept that I can't be a pretty lesbian, but I've learned to accept my lot in life. I am available to be humiliated by any pretty girl.

You have the right idea I think and as you have stated enjoy all. A Goddess if ever I heard of one! I would love to be able to serve such a lovely superior such as you. You rock dear Lady!

wow.. you are the girl i always thought about and greded about .. <br />
Absolutely right .. the soft skin and lovely hairs are worth to watch and praise .. i wish i coud see you near and close to me .. <br />
Gee.. i'm geting pervert .. hee heeeee

I know just how you feel, my DearJulia,<br />
finding the right girl, is as hard as finding the right man,<br />
and that is very, very hard,<br />
I hope you keep looking, Julia, because the rewards will be there.

Oh sweetie you so make an ole sissy want to be the right girl. Oh well, I would love to be your bestus friend still!

Hi, Vwisk, thank you. I would love to look.