I'm Looking For A Woman That Like's Herself

When I'm attracted to wanting to see it all and feel it all with a women. The idea I am having is that such a women is into herself.

That is why I can't understand it.  I might be male and masculine. Not so sure if that becomes more or less attractive, but as I like to relish the Feminism. I usually like such a women to be able to be relishing her Feminism with my empathy of her. Perhaps being Bi-Sexual like to such a woman where Feminism is being enjoyed the most.

I like the Missionary Position, where my front of the body is on her front of the body.  I like seeing and hugging the whole anatomy of the Front. I like small breast. I like a bit of the flat bulging on the chest better.  I like things I don't get to hear about and no body understands me for.  I want pubic hugs and being able to have pubic and Cameltoe nuzzling with a women. A Lot.  I want sexercising with a women. It seems so rare to find this area of interest for the person I am.

ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
56-60, M
Mar 11, 2010