Tv Crew Lies About Naked Man. Pigs Arrest Him.

In a recent story, Sept 5, 2012, a man was walking down a rural road minding his own business when he was harassed by neighbors and a TV crew, and then arrested. In a flagrant display of misandry, the TV crew blurred out his manly body.

Note in video that the TV crew had to zoom their camera because the man was so far away he wasn't immediately visible from where they had been sitting.

Note: The TV headline says "TV interview interrupted by naked man" That is a lie.  Its obvious in the video that the naked man was way out on the road minding his own business and the couple being interviewed about storm damage interrupted their conversation to go harass the man. 

The government should not be able to force men to buy and use products we may not want. Shame on them all.

DozerDan DozerDan
66-70, M
Sep 5, 2012