I was once a Judgmental Believer

I find that I have less and less christian friends. I still keep in touch with a few close christian friends by phone but I have not told them of my new life. I have contact with several others whom I have known in real life, on Facebook.They have played in the integral parts of my life but I know that I have much less to talk with them about since I am a "ex-christian". I really don't relate to them anymore. I want to tell them HOW DECEIVED I WAS but I know that it would just be hurtful to them and be seen as I am trying to "ruin their delusion" as though it might be ALL that they have. 

I have one very close long time dear christian sister (at one time) whom I had to make the decision to BREAK contact. She was very judgmental of my decision to stop the abuse by my now ex husband, divorce my abusive husband and she continued with her "judgement" of me through the process of getting MY LIFE BACK by reconnecting with old friends who were not christians. She was supportive AFTER I divorced him saying that she was "glad that I was not being abused anymore"...but she could not "step up to the plate" to support me DURING the abuse and even INSISTED that I do not divorce him BECAUSE he and I were christians. Supposedly. Afterward, she was praising God on how I was "safe and no longer abused". Most christians do not want to believe that God told me to leave him but seem to give him praise as if it were true. Overall, I think her judgement and counsel was WAY OFF and she, being a good christian, thinks that she is "right" in all that she believes, just because she believes it.

I have been called names by "judgmental christians". I have been called a sinner, disobedient, back-slider and "lost". The real sad part of this story is, that once, I thought the same way as they still do. I was judgmental and did not know it.

Seeing it in myself really makes me LESS TOLERANT now when I see it in others.

I know that THERE IS A CURE for it.

Missalaineyeus Missalaineyeus
46-50, F
May 11, 2012