Just Let The Love In 2 Your Life

I don't understand people who said this!! If they only let the people in to their life who love them,then they would see that there is nothing 2 worry about
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Even then when you let love into your life if you don't understand how to tend to the needs of your lover or don't even come to realization of what your partner specifically wan't and needs then you start to realize you don't necessarily know how to love... it's even worse when the reason for why you can't love is because nobody ever showed love to you in your life...it's something nobody is prepared for and it hurts when your stuck in a place where you don't know how many more band-aids you need for breaking the other person's heart just being who you are. I'm only 15 years old and I've been through allot of pain with love in my life...i'm still learning. It hurts because you then start to dwell on yourself as an individual...you go on the quest for self identity and in the process I've been very depressed but I keep going because of love. I keep trying because of memories and feelings that were enjoyed. I keep going because of the little things that were shared and held close. Sometimes you just need to work with each other and be closer to understand it all. We're never going to be the perfect boyfriend and girlfriend we haven't lived each others lives to know exactly what there missing and needing but if you can be there for that person and go through the pains of life together in the end you will be okay. I will be okay. We all will be okay ;3

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