Illusion Or Real ...

After I had been waiting for such a long time to be in his arms again .. Here it comes .. After a week we had been together .. so many nice things so many sad memories .. so many stupid arguments just gradually happen to us .. Now Im alone in my room trying to find out the answer if I still love him .. Have I ever love him .. Or if this is love ... I was so sad seeing him leaving .. Though I told him too since I need to be alone .. To talk to myself If I really need him or it's all was just an illusion in the dream world .. Somehow I just woke up and completely confused about my own feeling .. I'm lost in the jungle of love .. The maze of unanswered questions .. He flew across the world for me .. and we had been waiting for this moment for so long .. I longed for his touch .. love .. laughing .. everything ... I thought I loved him .. but today I feel so confused and uncertained if this love is real or its just the illusion in my own dream world and it's just the time to wake up and face the real world ...

DollyDiva DollyDiva
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Of course I was in love and I do understand myself at that moment now. I was afraid of getting hurt, afraid of being alone. It's like hard, you know? However, we are married now and I have got the answer that yes, it is love.

I have no idea what you mean love is something special there no way to describe it but when you are in love you know it, you can feel it with ever part of you body, you just know that it is true. And if you can not feel that you are probably not in love.

Yeah .. confusion sucks a lot :(<br />
:(<br />
*hugs*<br />
I totally understand confusion... blah.

Yeah .. you're right CD ,, Let the destiny decides ...

LoV U mean the world to me! and want U to find ur heart,soul happiness! *Hugs UR BBF for ever!give urself time...never rush ur feelings..holding U!always leave the door open u never know what the future holds..hugs and lov to u both!

Thks BBF .. that means a world to me ..

Only UR heart has the true answers...true lov is a mystery ..feelings and illusion ..can be true feelings..but' if u are young and just starting out in the partnership of should be a smoother union with less uncertainty..u can lov someone and it does not mean u hav to marry them..hugs to both of u that ur hearts can agree..and the best for both of u is realized..I Lov U BBF! always! xoxo ~ cAnDy!endless hugs and kisses!

Thats what I feel for him TRW .. really ToT .. Thanks a lot for understanding ..

Love has many forms, perhaps you were in love with someone who is destined to be a best friend? Thinking of you, honey. xx

i hope so too hunny!!! you deserve to be happy!!!

I hope so Marky .. :)

your a nice girl *Dolly* and i hope everything works out for you!!!! i actually get the headline to this story, cos i know what your talking about!! i also dont understand love!!! but as i say, i hope things work out for you!!!!

Thank you all of you for the comments, sharing, and supports .. <br />
I truly appreciate <br />
<br />
I wish I could find out the answer before he leave<br />
Destiny led us to each other<br />
Destiny will decide what should be the final answer ...

Feelings are complicated many times..<br />
Many hugs*