Men Are Like Bananas

They are only ripe enough to be enjoyed for such a short amount of time.

First, when they are bright and fresh, you can just take them as they are. They travel easily, get along well with others - see one banana and there's never one too far away, and they don't require too much special handling.

Then, the appearance changes but that's okay because that's when they are at their most versatile! Alone or with others, they are great. You can look past the dark corners because after all, things just get better with time.

Finally, the last stage hits. They are so fragile, so delicate and must be handled with care or they make such a mess all over the place (read that any way you like!) Mixing with others is hit or miss - sometimes okay, sometimes it's downright awful. They can't just pick up and go like they used to because too must jostling around makes them upset and mushy - so sensitive!

But, bananas just go so well with everything. They are great on their own, with cereal, in puddings, in breads, in a fruit salad - everywhere I go I see amazing bananas. Even though they make me crazy with this super limited ripeness (why can't I just like potatoes - they last much longer!) I can't help my eyes as they linger on the simple beauty that is a banana.

That and how good it feels to mash one up turn it into banana bread - tasty!
serendipityg1rl serendipityg1rl
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2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

You see. You could not understand these facts twenty years ago.

How descriptive your rendering .There needs to be a few changes though .
a)You need to PEEL the banana to get to the fine part .
b)The banana is tasty and satisfying all the time .
c)The inner is slippery and slides into where ever ,after peeling .
d)Very filling and complete to your satisfaction.
e)The day or night does not go thru without the banana ,ripe or raw.
f)A banana has capability of going to your depths lubricating your insides
Now will you accept the banana in your life ..